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印度的节日及庆祝活动   印度会给你惊喜,这个已经多次提到过,但是原因各有不同。著名的恒河从印度平原上流过,并且拥有辽阔的海岸线;南部有着迷人的海滩和平静的海水;北部有着森林和被白雪覆盖的山峰;历史悠久的庙宇、教堂、清真寺和Gurudwaras;拥有着多种宗教信仰和文化;这个国家有着丰富的动植物资源和先进的科技水平;可以让旅游者梦想成真,来印度旅游将会改变您的生活!



Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix : Get , set and go on to visit this exciting world where its not just the cars and their drivers, but the environment who is the true hero. This Formula 1 event promises an exciting festival atmosphere where you watch some of the real world champions race it out for the championship. Off track, there are countless things to fill your plate with. There are the driver autograph signings, fabulous food, after race concerts and many more. There are also some special post race events that take place at the Sky Lounge and the Amber Lounge for those of you who love the glamour and glitz of a race.

Abu Dhabi Festival : Initiated in 2004, the Abu Dhabi Festival is one of the premier showcases of the classical artistic excellence. It seeks to present Abu Dhabi as one of the global destinations of the respect, tolerance and cultural enlightenment. In order to bring artistic intelligence and creative innovations in the forefront, the festival regularly gets new national and international commissions, often in partnership with other major international festivals. The festival is a tool to reinforce the city’s burgeoning role as an international arts metropolis and helps in cultivating a new arts renaissance in Middle East.

Al Gharbia Watersports Festival : For all you beach and water junkies, this water sports festival offers a wonderful time filled with frenzied water sports and beach extravaganza. The festival witnesses participation from various world class athletes for the top award in sports like parasailing, surf sea kayaking, dhow racing, swimming, sand sculptures, and others.  Enjoy a chilled out camping trip at this festival where there is fun, DJ on beach, cooking competitions, and various other kids’ activities too.

Gourmet Abu Dhabi : This gastronomic extravaganza features some of top stars of the food industry. With a special star studded cast of the top Michelin Star chefs and other special guests. There are these master classes that you can visit and gourmet dinners that will leave you wanting for more. This festival is hosted by range of the top hotels of UAE.

Monster Jam : With its inaugural show in 2013 all set to wow the audiences with its exciting horse powered stunts and tricks. With two different competitions lined up for its first showing- racing and freestyle, these 12 feet tall, five ton trucks are all set to take the city by storm. Watch them soaring and smashing it out on the giant custom made track full of obstacles.

Al Ain

Al Ain Aerobotic Show : This annual aerobatic event is organized by Abu Dhabi Tourism authority in association with UAE Air Force and Air Defense at the Al Ain International Airport. In fact, the evnt is often considered as one of the five most important aerobatic events of the world, what with its themed aerial displays and other on ground attractions, activities and performances. Expert pilots from round the world participate in these four hour aerial shows and competitions. Reaffirming the commitment to making UAE one of the world’s top tourist destinations, the show promises some breathtaking aerobatic displays by world’s best aerobatic squadrons, thus offering a perfect opportunity of offering entertainment and edutainment for the family and aviation enthusiasts.


Sharjah Heritage Days : This active annual carnival celebrates the cultural richness of UAE through its various traditional events and ideas. Highlighting the beauty of the old literature and vocabularies to the coming generation, the event signifies the true cultural identity of the locals. It brings forth the old habits and cultures thus showcasing the pride locals have for their identity as an emarati.

Sharjah Water Festival : This annual festival is an important tourist attraction in the city calendar what with its wide range of international shows and other recreational activities planned for the period. Offering a fun time for the families to enjoy, the festival is growing by leaps and bounds every year in terms o innovative ideas and creative activites that are being planned for the public, both locals and tourists alike.

Sharjah Summer Promotions : This annual entertainment festival takes place at the popular sea beaches and parks of Sharjah. These include Etihad, Abu Shagara and Almajaaz. In addition, there are various other shopping promotional activities and other contests that are held by the shopping centers.

So, Visit UAE this vacation and discover a new world of experiences !!!!

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